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I Failed…

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I’ve shared my goal to get 100 rejections last year before. Well, I failed. In 2017, I received 76 rejections. 76 painful “no’s.” Some of them were terrible – one journal asked me to revise the ending of a story to fill it out – I didn’t want to, but I did – they still didn’t take it. (I can’t even tell you how frustrating this is.)   Others were kind, and encouraging:   And then, loads of them were just generic “nope.” However, I still feel pretty good about…read more

2017 Reading Challenge

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I love reading. Possibly, it seems a little silly that every year one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read more. But.. as you know… I want to be a writer, and according to Stephen King, one of the biggest rules for writers is to read – constantly and voraciously. According to Mr. King, if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time – or the tools, to write, and I completely agree. (It of course helps that he is telling me that I HAVE to do…read more

Both Sides Now…

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In a class I took last semester we were asked to write a story that takes place in a different country (and we weren’t allowed to say the name) with a protagonist who lost something. I wrote “What She Lost” and it eventually took second place in the SNHU Fall Fiction Competition. In that piece I wanted to play with the idea of losing as gaining. If you’ve read the story you now my protagonist Clementine loses her wedding rings, but gains something – a realization. The final project for…read more

A Boat?

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My Professor challenged us to set a story in a location that tells us a lot about one of the characters. She only gave us 250 words to do it. Here is my attempt: Violet didn’t expect a boat. She should have considered it when he invited her to dinner and gave her the address to a marina. She should have considered it when he met her in the parking lot barefoot, and walked her down the swaying wood decking to a thirty-eight foot sailboat and said, “welcome aboard.” But…read more

Taking Care of Business

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My Professor asked us to write a 350 word piece featuring a working class protagonist. So often writers only write about writers, or superheroes, or spies. I enjoyed this assignment, this is my attempt: Rob stared at the melons. Their shape was pleasing. The symmetry of the stack comforted him. The produce department was cool, the temperature helped him think. His phone vibrated in his pocket like a swarm of bees. It could be any number of people calling: his boss, the store manager; or his boss’s boss, the district…read more