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the girl with the books…

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It has been a long time, Friends. I’m sorry about that. Life happened, and well, blogging fell down to the bottom of my priority list. Exciting things have happened though: – I published 2 stories “A Crisis Of” and “Getting Past the Gate.” You can follow these links to read them and I hope that you do. You know I always love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to send me a comment or a note if either of them speak to you. – I started tweeting! You…read more

I Failed…

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I’ve shared my goal to get 100 rejections last year before. Well, I failed. In 2017, I received 76 rejections. 76 painful “no’s.” Some of them were terrible – one journal asked me to revise the ending of a story to fill it out – I didn’t want to, but I did – they still didn’t take it. (I can’t even tell you how frustrating this is.)   Others were kind, and encouraging:   And then, loads of them were just generic “nope.” However, I still feel pretty good about…read more

2017 Reading Challenge

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I love reading. Possibly, it seems a little silly that every year one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read more. But.. as you know… I want to be a writer, and according to Stephen King, one of the biggest rules for writers is to read – constantly and voraciously. According to Mr. King, if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time – or the tools, to write, and I completely agree. (It of course helps that he is telling me that I HAVE to do…read more

Both Sides Now…

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In a class I took last semester we were asked to write a story that takes place in a different country (and we weren’t allowed to say the name) with a protagonist who lost something. I wrote “What She Lost” and it eventually took second place in the SNHU Fall Fiction Competition. In that piece I wanted to play with the idea of losing as gaining. If you’ve read the story you now my protagonist Clementine loses her wedding rings, but gains something – a realization. The final project for…read more

A Boat?

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My Professor challenged us to set a story in a location that tells us a lot about one of the characters. She only gave us 250 words to do it. Here is my attempt: Violet didn’t expect a boat. She should have considered it when he invited her to dinner and gave her the address to a marina. She should have considered it when he met her in the parking lot barefoot, and walked her down the swaying wood decking to a thirty-eight foot sailboat and said, “welcome aboard.” But…read more