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I’m terrible at waiting. Really, truly. I’m at my worst when I have to be patient. There is something going on in my personal life that I have to be patient about. I’m not really sure why I’m being so obtuse, it’s surgery, I’m waiting to have surgery. (Gallbladder – It’s not fun or exciting surgery – like new boobs or lipo or something.) So, you know, it’s kind of big. I have to schedule my life around it. School stuff, babysitters, my husband has to book time off work,…read more


Drowning Slowly – The End

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The soft green walls and the elevator music were irritating Ben. He had been sitting in the waiting room chair for over a half hour, surrounded by very pregnant or very old women, and Becca was late. He looked at his phone again. I had been over a week since he had heard from Jennifer. More than two since he had seen her. Her last message wasn’t promising. Actually, to anyone else it was probably a death blow. “I can’t do this anymore.” She said. But somehow he felt like…read more


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Drowning Slowly – Part 9

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Jennifer’s heart was beating wildly and she tried to calm it as she passed through the automatic doors. They caught on a bump in the stiff, rubber backed rug and the thwack sound startled her like a shot. She had realized as she walked across the grey parking lot, pulling her sweater closer around her and pushing the shopping cart with Henry bundled in it a little quicker, that he could be watching her that very second. The idea made her heart skip and her stomach tumble and now that…read more

Drowning Slowly – Part 8

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There were always stragglers. Class had been over for fifteen minutes and yet Ben still wasn’t alone. Two of his students were standing in the window, drawing pictures in the fog that their breath created on the cool glass. He was frustrated, frustrated that their parents paid him for an hour of his time and yet consistently took more every week. Frustrated that his day was supposed to be over and he was supposed to be on his way to a hot shower and a cold beer, and he was…read more