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Drowning Slowly – Part 7

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Riley’s rubber boots were bright pink. Riley would say “Hot pink, Daddy, not just pink, hot pink. Hot pink is my favorite color.” They had loops on the top on either side of her ankle, to help her pull them up. Ben thought that was exceptionally functional. He wondered at what point clothes stopped being practical but needed to be fashionable instead. His rubber boots didn’t have handles on the top, that would be handy though, he wished they did. He wondered what other items of clothing would be improved…read more

Fork in the Road

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I have 61 pages, 22,500 words of a story that I think is going to be a novel written. When, this afternoon like lightening, an idea came to me. I was sitting on the couch watching the 7D with my daughter thinking about how my story really only has two major characters and two minor ones and wondering if I can write 100,000 words without more. More of what I wasn’t, and honestly still aren’t, sure. Last night I had what my husband likes to call “Nerd Group” a bunch…read more

Drowning Slowly – Part 6

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The pattern in the texture of Ben’s cubicle wall was very soothing. He liked to lay his head down on the desk and let his eyes unfocus on the blue/grey stripes and boxes. He bet that no one else even knew that there were stripes and boxes. You had to be up really close, and kind of cross your eyes to be able to see them, but they were there. His breath was creating little fans of condensation on the desk in front of him, he liked how they would…read more

It’s Easier to be Broken

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Self improvement is really hard. It doesn’t matter what it is. Losing weight. Getting more fit. Kicking the cursing to the curb. Drinking more water. Not interrupting when someone is taking FOREVER to make their point. More veggies. Less coffee/wine/diet pepsi. Being more disciplined. Growing my hair out. Fewer gossip blogs. More classic literature. For god’s sake finishing something once it is started. Consistent use of night cream. Stop making plans I know I will flake on. I’m reasonably good at recognizing my flaws. I’m also pretty good at pretending…read more

Drowning Slowly – Part 5

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Jennifer took a sip out of her giant wine glass. It was one of the fancy, mouth blown, huge bowl kind. It was beautiful. Jennifer didn’t have the heart to tell her host that it was the wrong type of glass for white wine, besides bigger is better at these things. It was her neighborhood book club and this month they were at Amanda’s house. Jennifer had a love/hate relationship with book club. She loved the reading. Unlike some of the other members, finishing the book was never a problem,…read more