Meagan Lucas


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I’m sort of stuck. I have 70,000 words written, and ten outlined chapters left to write, and then I will finish my first novel. It is exciting, and terrifying. The problem is, I haven’t written anything on it in over a month. Prior to my surgery I was really moving. I was writing a chapter a day and I felt really good about it. Now I’ve lost my mojo (apparently it was stored in my gallbladder) and I’m struggling. I assumed writer’s block. I’m right at the end where every…read more


Review: Generation A

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My high school boyfriend turned me on to Douglas Coupland. I fell in love. I read everything he wrote for   four years and wallowed in my own modernism and enlightenment. Fast forward ten years. When I saw Generation A on a discount shelf in my favorite value big box store, I thought “Hey! I know that book!” Because years ago Coupland released a novel called Generation X and I thought it was pretty great,  also I had a infant in the front of my cart demanding a steady stream of…read more


A Year as Measure

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When I look over the last year, I can be swept away by all of the beautiful memories I’ve made: – my daughter turned 3, my son 1; we had amazing vacations; I finished and defended my Master’s thesis, finally; I enrolled in another graduate program and completed (with A’s!) two classes; I got to meet my brother’s girlfriend; I sang and danced, and giggled with and snuggled my children; I saw Joe Purdy in concert – so close I could smell him!! I lead a very rich and wonderful…read more