Meagan Lucas

Work In Progress – Chapter 3

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Even from the hall, Blair could feel the bass from the music in Taylor’s apartment vibrating in her stomach. Matt was parking the car. Taylor’s apartment was in a section of town notorious for a lack of parking. Blair couldn’t walk far in her heels and he was nice enough to drop her off while he looked for a space. Not nice enough to offer to do it, but nice enough once asked, to pull to the curb so she could step out. Blair waited for him in the hall,…read more

What I Wrote While Looking Out On 42nd and 3rd

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A cold wind blew against Joe’s face, ruffling the dark hair that hung out the bottom of his stocking cap. The air was bitter and dry and sucking the moisture out of his lips and eyes. He was thankful it was blowing his scent deeper into the woods and not across the clearing to the nostrils of his prey. Four hours sitting in a tree stand would have been a waste. The doe was small, too small to have bred this past fall, too small to be pregnant. Joe wasn’t…read more