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Fat & Failure

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I’m guest blogging over at One Year of Letters today. After they picked up my last article, they told me that they liked my grit. Of course, the overachiever that I am, I had to out do myself. Today I’m talking about Fat & Failure. I hope that you will join me.

Review: The Good Girl

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When you start thinking about selling your novel, all of a sudden genre becomes important. Agents and publishers want to know who your audience is, how they are going to sell that doorstop, and what hole they are going to cram you into. Heaven forbid you approach an editor with a romance who doesn’t do romance, or a YA novel to a publisher that only does paranormal suspense. So, you need to label yourself so this is all neat and tidy. Don’t just pick a genre though, find other works,…read more

Review: Outlander

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I bought this book more than a year ago. Someone told me it was great, but not only that, that it was –ahem- quite sexy. I was feeling chubby, and formula covered, and generally unsexy. I thought a little bit of pre-bedtime reading might help that. Then I got it in the mail (side note: GOD – I LOVE AMAZON!) and it weighs a thousand pounds. Hundreds and hundreds of pages. I glanced briefly at the first few pages, something about Highland Scotland, post WWII. Ugh. Why didn’t I read…read more

New Doctor, Paper Stuck to My Bum, and Why I Can’t Call Myself a Writer.

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I’m sitting on the examination table. Paper is crinkling under my buns, I can feel sweat collecting under my unsupported bust in that lovely gown that doesn’t cover anything I want it to, and my new doctor is holding a freezing cold stethoscope to my back. Between my deep breaths she asks: “so Meagan, what do you do?” I freeze. I don’t know the answer. I know that according to the government I am a homemaker. I have no income and I can’t write off my childcare expenses. To most…read more