Meagan Lucas


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Are you feeling lucky? Two posts in one day! Due to my slacking earlier in the month you have to suffer through two posts today so I can catch up and make the (slightly ridiculous) 30 posts in 30 days goal that I set for myself earlier in the month. Tomorrow I’m heading off on a road trip to Pennsylvania to see my two best girlfriends from college. The three of us met 15 years ago (wow, I’m old!) and have managed to still love each other, over the distance…read more

My Heart Outside My Body

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Today my littlest baby turns three. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, and had the greatest time. He’s just such a little joyful fellow. He was so excited about his party – he said to my Aunt and Grandmother at dinner on Friday “You have to come to my party!” He was just so excited to have his own thing. It was adorable. He’s a laid back guy, he didn’t care about what kind of cake he had, or what color it was, or what kind of party he had….read more

Colour Changing Thumbs

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I have a confession – I kill things. Spiders occasionally, but plants mostly. I have a black thumb. I bought my mother a crocus last year for Easter (Mother’s Day?), I had to keep it alive for like 3 days before I could give it to her. It almost didn’t make it. It was droopy and weirdly coloured as I handed it to her. My college boyfriend gave me a peony, I planted it in a pot. It was dead within a week. Plants see me coming and if they…read more

Sunday WIP Update

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This week’s piece of my work in progress. I hope you enjoy it! (if you need to catch up – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3) The air was warm despite the pumpkins lined up on the neighbor’s porches. Evelyn knew although the customers at the cafe kept calling it Indian Summer, that switching the calendar to October meant it was fall, and time was running out. The pew was hard beneath her and she could feel dampness collecting between her back and the seat. She’d long since…read more

Accidental Shaming

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Yesterday I blogged about Maria Kang, my anger, and body shaming, and I thought maybe I’d spend a little bit of time talking about my struggling with body shame, and shaming, today. With the exception of very short snippets of my life, up until last year, I’ve been unhappy with my body. Those snippets were usually caused by a period of successful dieting, but occasionally by a minor athletic type victory – making the volleyball team in seventh grade, or making an important play with my softball team. It wasn’t…read more