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This past week or so has been the most frustrating of my life. Friday – 3:30, driving kids home from school, thinking about dinner. 4:30 texting my husband from the bathroom floor because my wretching sounds are freaking the kids out and I cannot get up. Violent illness continues for 12 more hours where upon my body expels liquid every 15 minutes by any means possible. I lose 8lbs. I also manage to pass out on one of the return trips from the bathroom and wreck my knee and elbow….read more


Flash Fiction Friday: Heat

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Yellow shone through the blinds, his silhouette a black hole in the middle. Hot light poured a puddle on the floor as he stuck his finger between the slats and pulled down. She was naked on the couch, wrapped in the only blanket. If she turned her head just right she could see the v of muscle cutting across his abdomen. She could feel the heat baking the asphalt through the cheap glass. She remembered the tingle of midday rays on her bare shoulders as she’d moved across that parking…read more

Flash Fiction Friday: Fuck You, Warren

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Catherine looked in the mirror and wondered if the red lipstick was too much. So far from her pale pink, she didn’t look like herself. Pressing her lips together, she pushed them out in a pout. She was turned on looking at her own lips, parting them, letting a tiny sliver of wet tongue peek through. Red was something she never wore for Warren, not since they’d been married. Not in ten years. He didn’t like it. He didn’t want her to mark him, thought it cheap. That’s probably why…read more

Flash Fiction Friday: Couch Shopping

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Their tax refund had finally arrived and there were a thousand things he wanted, but she Just. Wanted. A. Fucking. Couch. They’d been sitting on camping chairs for nearly a year now. In the beginning they could pretend it was convenient. Sit wherever you’d like! Even the fabric mesh cup holders were a lovely bonus. Don’t worry about the pooch knocking over your beer! Now, they were an impossible to clean reminder, filled with wet crumbs and dog hair. The chairs were minimally comfortable and noisy. Don’t fucking move! The…read more

2017: Plan of Action

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It’s now two thousand and seventeen. How did that happen? I can still remember two thousand very clearly. It cannot possibly be seventeen years ago. I’m not nearly old enough to be able to remember things that happened seventeen years ago clearly. This year, my daughter turns six, and my father turns sixty. In February, I’m going to be twenty nine for the sixth time. None of those things seem real/possible. In 2016, I got a job and quit a job. I lost friends and family members, and made new…read more