Meagan Lucas

I Never Win Anything

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On July 3rd I got an email and a facebook message from Eric, the editor of the Scythe Prize, asking for my mailing address so he could “send me some correspondence regarding the publishing of [my] story “Kittens” in the 2017 Scythe Prize book.” This isn’t strange. I’ve been asked to sign all sorts of contracts and disclosure forms before my work shows up ‘in print.’ As Redding would say “no biggie.” When I told Josh though, he said, “You probably won. He’s probably sending you a check.” “I doubt…read more

A Sailor Ashore

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Stepping into her parents house for the first time in five years, Millie could feel the walls vibrating, energy pulsing, lights humming on top of her head. Her bones ached for the peace of her cabin, it’s quiet and dark, the wood and cloth that felt more like the skin of a friend than furniture. Her dad took her coat while she looked for a mat on which to place her big boots. “Oh, we don’t need to take our shoes off,” he said, as she looked with horror at…read more