Always With the Words

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I’m not a terribly visual person. I don’t like to admit this, but I’m not that into looking at art or going to museums. I feel like “sophisticated” people like art though, and so I try to enjoy it, but I reluctantly admit it’s not my thing. Music though, especially music with good words, that’s it. (It’s always about words with me, isn’t it?)

When I look at something pretty, I can appreciate it on the surface – oh, that’s a nice color, or that arrangement is interesting, or this room feels comfortable, or creepy. But music can do what books do, light my head on fire, make me cry, make my body hurt, my heart race, make me imagine.

Words – whether read or heard. Make me and break me. These are the songs that I’m listening to on repeat lately:

  1. Elle King – America’s Sweetheart
  2. Kaleo – Way Down We Go
  3. Ruth B – Lost Boy
  4. Birdy – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
  5. The Lumineers – Ophelia
  6. James Bay – Scars
  7. Labrinth – Jealous

This last song I’m completely obsessed with right now. Can’t you just imagine it playing in the background, while you’re standing on the platform at a train station? It’s raining and you’re waving goodbye to your love, maybe forever.  Your life is over. Your heart is broken. The train is moving and you turn to walk away when you feel a familiar hand on your shoulder and you spin. Their hands are on your jaw, and their lips meet yours, and you’re clutching the front of their shirt in your fists. The world is empty but for the two of you.