Meagan Lucas

Old is In Now

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Nick was drowning in sound in the wide open restaurant. Noise bounced off cement floor and echoed in the beams of the high ceiling. Claustrophobia suffocated him despite the grandeur of the space. Across the table his Grandfather, squinting, was holding the menu three inches from his face. “Take Grandpa for lunch,” his mother demanded. “He never gets out of that home. Go to the old diner he likes.” But Nick had been lured by craft beer and molecular gastronomy. “I’m going to show him something new,” he’d said. He…read more

Prayer Chain

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Kate’s key stuck in the lock. She wiggled it while she bumped the door with her knee and then her hip. “Nan! I’m here!”she called, looking around for a clear horizontal surface to put down the grocery bag. Knick-knacks, pictures, and bits of paper littered the room. She cleared a spot on the kitchen table with her elbow and set it down. She patted her still flat belly, she was excited to tell her grandmother the news. “Katherine! Oh, it’s so good to see you.” Nan said, wrapping Kate in…read more

Not Speaking

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The phone rang with an aggressive jangle that sent Wendy’s heart racing. Nightly, when it sounded, she was reminded how ridiculous it was to even have a home phone these days. Everyone used a cell. But, there was something about the weight in her hand, the old smooth plastic, thicker than they made plastic now. But her attachment was more than just its physical presence in her space, the shiny red plastic paper weight on the corner of her desk. It was the memory of the phone on the wall…read more

Psychoanalytic Theory, Deconstructionism and Heart of Darkness

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The following is a short paper that I wrote for my literary theory class on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. It is a classic text and a quick read if you’re interested. The story, unlike my analysis of it, is riveting… The Psychoanalytic approach focuses on the power of the unconscious to shape our thoughts and behavior. Deconstructionism focuses on the assumption of legitimacy and meaning. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness can be can be analyzed using both theories, but the psychoanalytic theory is more useful for understanding the depth…read more


Cola Colored Bubbles

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I was asked once which elements of fiction I thought were the most important in my work. I thought the answer was easy: character and theme. The goal of my work is always to comfort and disturb. You need a strong character to create a connection with a reader, and you need a strong theme to leave them with something, (questions, answers) once the story is over. She said: “I’ve read your work. I think you’re unaware of the emphasis on place, setting, in your writing.” My favorite writers use…read more