Blatant Self Promotion

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This morning my husband said: “Your blog sent me five emails.”

“Huh?” (this is what I’m like in the morning, sexy eh?)

“It’s happened before, I thought it was a glitch or something the first time. But each time it sends me more and more copies of the same email.”



So, I’ve spent the last more than an hour fussing with the back end of this blog, which is not something I enjoy, nor am I particularly good at. The short version is that the “subscriber tool” I was using before sucked. The longer version is that I was using the trial version of a paid service, and it seems like maybe it wasn’t working properly. (I wonder if it ever worked properly?)

But! Now I have a new fancy subscription tool, so, if you were subscribed before – I’m sorry, can you subscribe again? I somehow managed to lose all that info in my angry “delete this application” finger stomping all over my keyboard. AND – if you weren’t subscribed before – now is your chance! You get to hear from me more often – yay! Right? And, I’ll send you emails when this blog updates, tah dah! Sometime times I’m funny, and you’ll be the first of all of your friends to know (unless they subscribe, which, err, then you have to subscribe too or you’ll feel left out), and there is a prize. (There isn’t a prize, I’m a starving writer.)

All you have to do is type in your name and email in the field below, and I’ll send you quick email to make sure that you’re really, really sure you want to hear from me, then you’re in. And don’t worry, I won’t share your info with anyone. If you’re not sure that now is the time you want to subscribe, you can always scroll down to the very bottom of the blog and there is a subscribe tool there too!

I hope you do! Tell your friends!

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