Meagan Lucas

Always With the Words

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I’m not a terribly visual person. I don’t like to admit this, but I’m not that into looking at art or going to museums. I feel like “sophisticated” people like art though, and so I try to enjoy it, but I reluctantly admit it’s not my thing. Music though, especially music with good words, that’s it. (It’s always about words with me, isn’t it?) When I look at something pretty, I can appreciate it on the surface – oh, that’s a nice color, or that arrangement is interesting, or this…read more

Ultimate Running Playlist for Those Who Need Distraction

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It didn’t take me long, when I first started running, to realize that the struggle for me was less of a physical one than a mental one. Yes, moving my body was hard, but keeping my brain happy was harder. The entire time I was working out was a fight between boredom, wanting to give up, and staying on the GD treadmill. I just can’t stay out of my own head. Apparently this is fairly common, there are two types of runners – those who like silence, who use the…read more

Inaugural Post

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The topic of this post, and my inability to decide on one is keeping me up at night. This is my first impression, right? It needs to be good. The pressure is paralyzing. So, instead of putting off writing because I am too much of a wimp to just commit to something for this all important first post I’m going to give you a list of ten songs that you should listen to instead of reading my blog. (Boy, I am terrible at this self promotion stuff.) Worn Out Shoes…read more