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I Failed…

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I’ve shared my goal to get 100 rejections last year before. Well, I failed. In 2017, I received 76 rejections. 76 painful “no’s.” Some of them were terrible – one journal asked me to revise the ending of a story to fill it out – I didn’t want to, but I did – they still didn’t take it. (I can’t even tell you how frustrating this is.)   Others were kind, and encouraging:   And then, loads of them were just generic “nope.” However, I still feel pretty good about…read more


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This past week or so has been the most frustrating of my life. Friday – 3:30, driving kids home from school, thinking about dinner. 4:30 texting my husband from the bathroom floor because my wretching sounds are freaking the kids out and I cannot get up. Violent illness continues for 12 more hours where upon my body expels liquid every 15 minutes by any means possible. I lose 8lbs. I also manage to pass out on one of the return trips from the bathroom and wreck my knee and elbow….read more


2017: Plan of Action

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It’s now two thousand and seventeen. How did that happen? I can still remember two thousand very clearly. It cannot possibly be seventeen years ago. I’m not nearly old enough to be able to remember things that happened seventeen years ago clearly. This year, my daughter turns six, and my father turns sixty. In February, I’m going to be twenty nine for the sixth time. None of those things seem real/possible. In 2016, I got a job and quit a job. I lost friends and family members, and made new…read more


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It was 10pm and had been a really long day. I was currently sitting on a cement bench at the Atlanta airport waiting for the hotel shuttle to bring me back to the Indigo, but not to sleep, only to collect my car and drive 3 hrs home. My yoga pants had a smudge on leg where I’d caught my kind bar between my knees when I’d almost dropped it at my gate in Detroit. My sweater smelled like the coffee I’d spilled while driving down the 401 and my…read more

Some Days are Hard

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Today, my family in Canada are coming together to remember the life of my cousin Ryan who left us last week. I’m not able to be there. The laws of space (they are in Canada, 15 hrs away) and time (Josh is in Philadelphia for work this week and Willa graduates from preschool tomorrow) conspired against me. So, I’m left to remember him on my own. My Dad comes from a large family – 6 siblings – of which he is the youngest, and there are 7 years between him…read more