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Thirty in Thirty

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When I first started this project, to post 30 times in 30 days, I was nervous. I didn’t think I had enough to say, I didn’t think you wanted to read that much, and I worried that discipline was going to be an issue – that I wouldn’t be able to commit and finish. Well, I have. 🙂 It’s been rough, there have been some pretty weak posts, there were days that were just too busy or where I just forgot – oops!  But, there were only two days this…read more

Too Busy to Write

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Today I was too busy to write, and that feels really good. My girls got here, we ate, we laughed, we shopped, we ate some more. I bought a really sexy dress. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Being a Big Baby

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This is my office for today: I know, it’s a little dreary isn’t it. I’m in Grove City, PA. I’m meeting my girlfriends here for a shopping trip, but I came a day early to get some writing done, have a bit of a baby free breather. But I kind of forgot that that meant that I was going to be alone in a hotel room, and I’m not good at being alone, and I haven’t slept alone in a hotel room since before I was married, so I tossed…read more

Advice for a New Mom

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Today I’m on my way to Pennsylvania to meet my girlfriends for a weekend of shopping, chatting, and eating! It feels so good! Josh is staying home with both the babies for the first time. He is more than capable – but send him some good vibes okay? It’s very weird to think that for the next few days I’m just going to be responding to “Megs” and not to “Mama.” Sniff, sniff! My best friend is pregnant, and getting ready to have her first baby – so no boozing…read more


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Are you feeling lucky? Two posts in one day! Due to my slacking earlier in the month you have to suffer through two posts today so I can catch up and make the (slightly ridiculous) 30 posts in 30 days goal that I set for myself earlier in the month. Tomorrow I’m heading off on a road trip to Pennsylvania to see my two best girlfriends from college. The three of us met 15 years ago (wow, I’m old!) and have managed to still love each other, over the distance…read more