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2018 In Numbers

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It seems quite common for writers to list some ‘end of year’ stats on social media. I think maybe I’m too verbose for that. Numbers aren’t really enough. They don’t tell the whole story. I need space to expand and explain – rationalize? Justify, maybe?  Anyway – below are some figures that I use to gauge my progress from one year to another. I’m also hoping by putting them here, on my blog, that I’m not contributing to this sense of comparison and competition that people tend to fall into…read more

Psychoanalytic Theory, Deconstructionism and Heart of Darkness

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The following is a short paper that I wrote for my literary theory class on Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. It is a classic text and a quick read if you’re interested. The story, unlike my analysis of it, is riveting… The Psychoanalytic approach focuses on the power of the unconscious to shape our thoughts and behavior. Deconstructionism focuses on the assumption of legitimacy and meaning. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness can be can be analyzed using both theories, but the psychoanalytic theory is more useful for understanding the depth…read more


Craft Comparison

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Eric Savoy, professor of English at the Université de Montréal, says that Gothic “embodies and gives voice to the dark nightmare that is the underside of the American dream (167).” Child of God, by Cormac McCarthy, and Provinces of Night by William Gay are both Southern Gothic novels that conform to both the genre’s literary conventions, and the conventions of the time in which they were written. Conventions of Southern Gothic literature are clear and include: an outsider, or freak; the grotesque; imprisonment and freedom; violence; and a strong sense…read more

Writing Exercise – Dialogue

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In one of my classes we were challenged to write a piece of dialogue where there was something brewing under the surface. Like Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” something else is going on in the dialogue, which makes for an interesting read. This was my attempt: The break room door slammed behind her like a prison cell. Nicole kicked herself. This situation could have been avoided by peeking through the tiny window, but now she was trapped. Florescent lights buzzed overhead. Avoiding eye contact, she made it to the cupboard…read more

Collecting Rejections

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This morning I was checking my email while sitting on the toilet (come on, you do it too – plus, I’m a Mom, this might be the only quiet moment in my entire morning, and even then I can hear them lurking outside the door) when I got another one. A rejection. Another literary journal that regrets to inform me that my work has not been selected for publication. This one included a sweet note that “ultimately a very close call, so I hope this does not deter you from…read more