Meagan Lucas

I Never Win Anything

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On July 3rd I got an email and a facebook message from Eric, the editor of the Scythe Prize, asking for my mailing address so he could “send me some correspondence regarding the publishing of [my] story “Kittens” in the 2017 Scythe Prize book.” This isn’t strange. I’ve been asked to sign all sorts of contracts and disclosure forms before my work shows up ‘in print.’ As Redding would say “no biggie.” When I told Josh though, he said, “You probably won. He’s probably sending you a check.” “I doubt…read more

Blatant Self Promotion

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This morning my husband said: “Your blog sent me five emails.” “Huh?” (this is what I’m like in the morning, sexy eh?) “It’s happened before, I thought it was a glitch or something the first time. But each time it sends me more and more copies of the same email.” “Crap.”   So, I’ve spent the last more than an hour fussing with the back end of this blog, which is not something I enjoy, nor am I particularly good at. The short version is that the “subscriber tool” I…read more

Kid Shows I Don’t Hate

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My children are 5 and almost 3. And I’m one of those Moms, you know, the ones that let their kids watch TV. Our television is on an embarrassing amount – but thankfully, mostly for background noise. Actually, I would say that I end up watching a lot more kid shows than my children do, because they like to put it on and then leave the room. But heaven forbid I turn it off. The instant I push the button, I can hear sobbing from the other end of the…read more