Essays, sticky fingers, bloody bandaids and neglect.

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Dearest Blog,

I’m sorry that I’ve been neglecting you. I’d like to think that I have good reasons, but truth is that I’m not sure if they are good or not. “Good” is pretty subjective and while I think one thing, you might think another, but anyway, I digress…

I might not have good reasons, but I have many reasons. So let’s see if I can make up for quality with quantity.


You might already know, but I’ll remind you anyway, that I’m a student working on an MS in HR at Western Carolina University. It’s you know, just in case this writing thing doesn’t work out. Plus it is nice to learn things and interact with other people and not just annoyed looks because you bumped my grocery cart in the produce section.

We are getting close to the end of the semester and that means group projects, paper and cramming for final exams. I am not really enjoying my class this semester, it is very business-y and I am not, but I don’t want to fail, so sorry, I neglect you.


You might remember, I have two. An almost four year old girl and an eighteen month old boy. They are very busy. They are very sticky. They like to create mess and noise. I cannot write, read or work while they are awake. They seem to be awake more and more these days. Short of Benadryl I don’t know what to do about that.

I love them. I love them even more than writing or sanity apparently, so, I neglect you.


I am having a part of my body removed in ten days. It’s isn’t a terribly important part but it is kind of tough to get to. There are a lot of Doctor’s appointments and blood draws and all sorts of medical nonsense taking time away from you. Additionally, remember above that I have children. I will be in the hospital for a few days and then out of sorts for a few more, taking care of them is going to become someone else’s job, and so there is a lot of preparation for that, packing, laundry, cleaning, etc. All really fun things, I assure you.

The Holidays:

Did you know that Christmas is only six weeks away. Do you celebrate Christmas? We do, and that means again more planning. Shopping for gifts, making lists for family members, planning meals and parties and Christmas cards. Oh and cookies. Lots of cookies. It really is hours and hours getting ready for a single day, but it’s Christmas, come on, it only comes once a year!

My Novel:

“You’re writing!” You say, “why not write to me? Why not share that novel with the world, here on this blog.”

Oh, God. It is not nearly ready for public consumption. Not even close.

Well, and here is the other thing. I might want to sell this novel. I don’t know if it is any good, or if anyone will ever want to read it. But I feel like I want to try, and I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by publishing it on my blog and then having no one interested. Wah, wah, that’s the way it goes.

So, I’m sorry. I know it sounds like I might not really, actually, be all that sorry, but I am. I enjoy writing to you and nothing perks up a morning of grumpy children than checking my analytics and seeing all the visitors stop by. I promise I will finish the Maggie story soon, she’s a feisty old bird and she’s a bit of trouble.