Song Birds and Stray Dogs

My debut novel, Song Birds and Stray Dogs is now available for advance purchase!
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Meagan Lucas is a brave new voice in Southern fiction. Song Birds and Stray Dogs packs a double shot of grit and heart, with a story stretching from the beaches of the Carolina Lowcountry to the Land of the Sky and a heroine who doesn’t know the word quit. An unflinching portrait of motherhood, trauma, and the family we make along the way.
~Taylor Brown, author of Gods of Howl Mountain

Meagan Lucas has woven a lush and heartwarming story of well-meaning people trying to find their way in a world that can seem fractured beyond repair. Thrust into difficult circumstances beyond their control, Jolene, Chuck, and Cash wrestle with how to escape the past and forge a path forward. From devastating setbacks to the uplifting conclusion, every moment of their memorable journey brings us closer to these characters’ true selves.
~Heather Bell Adams, author of Maranatha Road

A wonderful story of the strength of the human spirit. As a reader, I repeatedly asked myself, “Could I ever muster the courage Jolene displayed time and time again? Would I just give up?” Ms. Lucas’s book will touch your heart and soul. It will inspire you to look at every day’s life challenges a little bit differently.
~Rodney Page, author of Macon – The Novel