A Boat?

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My Professor challenged us to set a story in a location that tells us a lot about one of the characters. She only gave us 250 words to do it. Here is my attempt:

Violet didn’t expect a boat. She should have considered it when he invited her to dinner and gave her the address to a marina. She should have considered it when he met her in the parking lot barefoot, and walked her down the swaying wood decking to a thirty-eight foot sailboat and said, “welcome aboard.” But until she’d climbed below, watched him tuck her pumps away and pull the cork from an exquisite bottle of red, she hadn’t thought real people lived on boats. She thought only movie characters did.

Throughout dinner above board, with the teak decking warm beneath her despite the cool Atlantic breeze and the stars twinkling above, Violet watched with amazement as he handed her modern white plates and sparkling glassware. She ate off plastic at home. She’d considered that this was a trick. One could rent a boat. It was romantic and less creepy than inviting someone to a hotel room. But his shampoo and razor were set neatly in the shower, and the jacket he’d worn to their first date was hanging in the closet. It felt like him too: masculine dark woods, clean lines, minimal but comfortable furnishings. The gentle rock of the waves even mimicked the Savannah drawl she’d fallen so hard for. The soft sheets smelled of his cologne. A hidden sound system played the album she’d recommended. The dim coziness of the close interior reminded her of his embrace.  It was all she could do to keep her clothes on.